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6:45 PM · Oct 17, 2019

Changes to the County’s 2-Bin Recycling Program, Effective Yesterday Press release from Department of Environmental Management reissued to clarify no changes are being made to HI-5 beverage container redemption program "Due to significant decreases in the global recycling markets, the County unfortunately will no longer be able to accept some of the items collected at our transfer stations. The County’s current 2-Bin recycling program includes a “mixed bin” for recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard/boxboard, and aluminum/tin, and a second “glass bin” for non-HI-5 glass. As of October 16, 2019, paper and plastics will not be accepted. However, the County will continue its ongoing efforts to evaluate potential alternatives to remain environmentally and economically responsible. The County’s 2-Bin recycling program, offered at designated Recycling & Transfer Stations, will be downsized on October 16, 2019, as follows: The “2-Bin” recycling program will be downsized to collect only: - Corrugated Cardboard (clean and not contaminated with food) - Brown Kraft Paper Bags (e.g., paper shopping bags) The “Glass bin” will continue to collect: Glass Bottles and Jars - Clean non-HI-5 bottles and jars (e.g., wine bottles, pickle jars) - No caps, covers, or lids - Will be collected in the separate “glass” bin Metal Cans previously accepted will now be collected in the scrap metal bins offered at select Recycling & Transfer Stations as follows: - Must be clean, small (e.g., tuna, soup, pet food cans) The HI-5 beverage container redemption program remains in effect."