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Parents, let your children see that you care about the environment through your actions. Go cleanup the community that you live in and bring them along. Pick up trash in your parks and along creeks and rivers before they rise this fall and wash everything out to the ocean. Show them you are concerned about the environment by reducing what you buy and consume and get rid of. Show them that it's ok to buy used things instead of new things. Most importantly, don't put the burden of solving our environmental problems on their little shoulders. There are some incredible kids out there that can take a lot of responsibility, but allow them to do their part at their own pace without the undue pressure of a very global problem. If things are bad, that's on us, not our kids. Let them see us respond with action and in humility, taking personal responsibility for how we might have done better over the course of our own lives. Remember, your children will learn from what you do, not so much what you say.

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